Lunch Menu
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      30.  Ham and Cheese on Pretzel Bun, Tator Tots, Veggies, Fruit 1. tomato Soup, Grilled Cheese, Fruit
2. Spaghetti Hotdish, breadsticks, veggies, fruit
3. Ham and cheese on a Pretzel Bun Oven Fries 4. 
5. 6. Hot dogs, baked beans, French fries, veggies, fruit
7.   Chicken cheese Quesadilla, broccoli cheese, rice, veggies, 
8.  Hamburger Rice Hotdish Veggies, Fruit 9. Chili Breadsticks, veggies, fruit 10. Chicken breast, broccoli, veggies, fruit 11.
12. 13.  Corn Dogs, oven Fries, veggies, fruit  14.  Chicken noodle soup, ham/turkey sand., fruit
15.   Mac and cheese, veggies, fruit 16. Mexican Haystacks,  Rice Toppings Fruit 17. Chicken Strips, seasoned Rice, veggies, fruit 18. 
20. BBQ, tater tots, veggies, fruit
21. Turkey Subs, toppings,  fruit-  22. Pizza, pasta salad, veggies, fruit cake 23. NO SCHOOL
Happy Thanksgiving
24. NO SCHOOL 25. Merry Christmas
26. 27.  No School  28.  NO SCHOOL 29. No School 30 No School 31 No School HAPPY NEW YEAR