Weekly Newsletter


This is the final newsletter for the school year!  Thank you to all volunteers and parents which made this year successful for our children.  Be sure to thank a teacher after awards day as well, for their work sharing the truth of God’s Word. Kaesermanns: Please pray for them, as they deliberate a call(job offer) to teach in Medford, Wisconsin for the next school year.

3-8th grade players from all 2018-19 sports seasons are invited to the lock-in May 31st from 6:00PM to 7:00 AM.  Bring your listed food item and $5.00.  Sport Camps at MVL: Coach K is helping with girls & boys bball camps in June if you are looking for a ride-share email him.    Next year any parents interested in coaching sports talk with Mr. K

Graduation & Awards May 24th 
The final day of school is a half day on May 24th.  Parents and guests should be in the gym by 10:30 for closing service, awards, and family lunch. Children go home after the lunch.  If you will be attending for lunch text, call, or email school with # of people.  It is $3.00/guest (Please pay ahead of time by sending money to school.  We cannot charge your accounts this late in the school year. Thanks)

Top Ten Notes for SUMMER  
2. Don’t forget about church services(St. Paul’s summer times are Sundays 9:00 and Mondays 7:00)
3. If you address and contact information change, send the updated information to school.
4. Save Box tops, aluminum cans, Our Family UPC’s, and Loaves for Learning UPC’s for school.
5. Mrs. Ziegler will be in touch for book clubs and tutoring times
6. Look for Remind texts for Parents to help move furniture at school for waxing floors
7. 7/16 Parent planning(CES) meeting for school year events: all parents are invited to attend. Tentative 7:00??
8. July- registration letter mailed out.
9. August 12th is school registration day at school 9:00-7:00.
10. September 2nd is the opening service and 1st day of school.

Mission gifts for Indonesia.  Bring your gifts every Wednesday morning . This week:  $14.56  Total: $203.44