Weekly Newsletter


What a strange end to our school year.  Obviously not how we would have planned to teach our students and work with our families.   God has a plan for all or this, we might not see it.  Be prayerful this summer that our fall year begins on time and looks like school again! Blessings this summer

Coaches Wanted
If there is a parent, parents, or alumni who are interested in coaching soccer next fall season talk with Coach Kaesermann.  He would like to have a large coaching staff.

Final Reports will be recorded and then sent out to you in a timely manner.

Church Services
 This summer stay rooted rooted in the Word of God.  www.stpaularlington.com  for Pastor Rauh’s sermons and Bibles studies.
School 2020-21 Class Registration
Those of you interested in PreK and Kindergarten for next year contact Mrs. Petzel so we can get you on the summer contact list. Thank you- we are looking forward to teaching your children through their Preschool and elementary years!

 School Board Minutes- Updates you need to know. 
1. The board has accepted the Distance Learning Policy for St. Paul’s school.  This policy allows the distance learning to be accepted as school days this year. 
2. We are happy to report the air conditioning is installed and running now in our school building!!!
3. Summer project: We will be landscaping the front of the school this summer.  Volunteer workers will be needed.
4. Tuition rates will stay the same for non-member.  St. Paul’s church members tuition will be raised $50 in fall for K-8th to $1000.  PreK will also remain the same.  Milk ticket prices will also be raised to $8 for 20 milk/juices. 
5. Based on the parent surveys we will be starting school Sept 1, 2020.  Registration for school will be August 17th.