Weekly Newsletter


Stay aware of school closings using the Remind service from our school or watch for Sibley East closures. If you did not receive our text last week, talk to a staff member. If sicknesses start please use the 24 hour rule.  After the last symptom wait 24 hours until returning for school or other activities. Thanks.

Thursday is a home game against Nicollet 4:15 and 5:15.  All 5-8th graders will practice this Friday  from 3:30-4:30. Next Monday is our last home game vs. Courtland.  All 3-8th practice on Tuesday.  The 7-8th practice Thursday while the 3-6th graders travel to St. Peter for a game.
Report Card Day and Parent/Teacher Conferences
Report cards are sent home today.   If any parent would like to have a conference with their child’s teacher, please talk to the teacher to set up a time in the next two weeks. These are optional conferences for any family.

Field Trip to Immanuel Gaylord, Science Museum
We are having a science presentation at Immanuel, Gaylord on the 24th of January.  Chaperones should be at school at 9:00.  

School Art Fair
Each year our school hosts an annual fair during March and our LES week.  This year is an art fair.  Each child K-8th will produce at home a piece of art that fits the theme of “Night”.  A sheet is attached to this newsletter with all the information.

iPad Updates
With some raised funds and a mini-grant our school has upgraded our iPads.  A set of ten has been purchased for classroom use.  They are used for classroom research, creation of projects, and educational applications.

School Silent Auction Begins Feb. 26th

 This was the second week for our Mission gifts for the mission in South America.  Please bring your gifts each Wednesday:  This week: 12.67!  Total: $87.90