Weekly Newsletter


It may not feel like it- but Easter is next week.  With all of the worry and uncertainty around us, remember to focus on the love that doesn’t change that comes from Jesus our Savior.

Our Sleepy Eye Track meet has been cancelled in early May.  Redwood Falls track meet is still scheduled at this point.

Distance Learning is happening through packets and internet.  NEON SHEETS ARE UPDATED EVERY FRIDAY WITH HOMEWORK.  NO SCHOOL UNTIL April 20th at this point.  

Church Services
 With no churches open to attend, there are so many fantastic resources for our families to stay rooted in the Word of God.  I recommend going to www.stpaularlington.com  for Pastor Rauh sermons and Bibles studies.
1. A TV program associated with our WELS synod is https://timeofgrace.org/ .  Sunday mornings at 10:30 channel 11.
2. Don’t hesitate to look up and subscribe to family devotions from https://wels.net/.  
3. I heard some families are going to try to read whole books of the Bible together, others bought devotion books/activity books from our school publisher Northwestern Publishing House https://online.nph.net/. In all this “Stay Connected to Jesus.”  This coming week is Holy Week.  Maundy Thursday is the night Jesus gives the last supper.  Good Friday is when he suffered and died.  Sunday is Easter to celebrate victory over death to save us.

Silent Auction: WE WILL BE EXTENDING ONE MORE MONTH (Until April 26th) Looking to go online.


School Kindergarten Roundup

Right now our school open house is being advertised, but we will not be hosting it as an event.  Interested families will be invited for private tours after they RSVP to school.  We will have them visit when we are allowed to.