Weekly Newsletter


Monday-Wednesday is going to be a big day for our school.  The accreditation team will be here and we want to show them our school in action.  They will be observing all of our staff and students. A final report will be made available to all of you after the visit.  

Basketball has been going smoothly.  We are happy to have the 25 kids participating.  The coaches are having a fun time teaching this group of players.  They are getting the hang of scrimmaging this week.

NO School Monday, January 25th.
NOTICE for all families- Accreditation Information:
January 25-27th is our school’s scheduled site visit from WELSSA Accreditation Team.  There will be three visitors those days reviewing all the work our committees and families have done this year.  Chances are they will reach out to talk to you, the parents!  Don’t shy away from talking with them.  They are looking for your feedback and opinions.  Be honest and share how you feel and what you know about our school.  Thank you.
Silent Basket Auction:
Thank you for your responses to our basket auction survey.  The committee will be meeting to figure out the details soon.  Due to Covid restrictions we will look for online options again. Mrs. Petzel is in charge of this committee.
Science Fair Information: 
Our students will all be preparing a project for our science fair held in March. DETAILED SHEETS WILL BE SENT HOME ON THURSDAY WITH THE STUDENTS outlining their responsibilities.  
Dairy Association Grant:
hank you to our local ADA who granted our school $500 towards our new milk cooler!!! 
K-8th Sing:  
We are planning to video tape our kids singing  a song for church.  It will be shown in church on Feb. 14th.  PreK will have songs on our facebook page again too.

We are collecting mission gifts for the church in Mexico. Bring your gifts each Wednesday to chapel.
This week: $14.00    Total: $48.91