Weekly Newsletter


This was a short week of school. MEA gives the students a brief break for the quarter.  The teachers are attending workshops at Bethany Lutheran College on those days.

Our fall sports seasons have come to an end.  Please return your orange volleyball or soccer jerseys to school as soon as they are washed.  The coaches enjoyed the season and hope the players did too!

 Wednesday 12:15 Dismissal- there is busing Thursday and Friday NO SCHOOL

Rake Day
On Wednesday, October 16th school dismisses at 12:15.  That morning our children will rake school’s lawn and elderly community member’s lawns too. So kids can bring work gloves.

Harvest Party
School hosts a family Harvest party 6:30-8:00 pm on Friday, Oct. 25th.  Return the bright orange permission sheet to school.

Sibley East has revised the calendar for November.  Nov 1 and 15th are now NO SCHOOL.  Originally it was scheduled for Nov. 8th.  Our faculty has conference on the 8th so we will still have no school.  We would like to have school on Nov 15th.  We will need parents to transport students that day(no bus). If you cannot get your child to school that day contact us.  

Kids Sing:
Mark your calendar for October 27th. This is the first opportunity for our children to sing at St. Paul’s Church as a group.  The service begins at 10:00. We will practice before the service in the basement at 9:45.  Children sit with the parents in church then come up to the front when it is time to sing.  Thanks.

Book It Slips:
Book It calendars were sent home and are due Nov. 4th.  Your children can redeem them at Pizza Hut or in town you get $2.50 at the Hip Hop Family Shop!

 Mission gifts this year will go to the Hmong Mission in Vietnam.  This organization helps bring God’s Word to those across the world.  Bring your gifts every Wednesday morning.  This week:  $ 5.37        Total: $74.10