Home School Outreach Program (HSOP)

A program developed to complement home-learning schedules.


Program Information and Highlights

  • The only program of its kind in the area
  • Working with a successful mentor-program in Missouri for guidance in establishing this program
  • HSOP will invite parents of area children 1st-8th graders who have chosen to home school to enroll their children in our classrooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 - 3:15 pm.
  • Classes that will be offered: art, music, phy-ed, devotion, and science or studies
  • Students who enroll are also eligible for extra-curricular activities at school
  • Progam is 100% self-funded and will cover all expenses through tuition
  • Already have individuals that have offered to promote this program ranging from the Lester Prarie, St. Peter, Winthrop, and Waconia areas.
  • For further inquiries and suggestions please Contact Us.

HSOP Mission: 

  • To provide a hands-on academic enrichment program
  • To encourage each student to grow and mature in the image of Jesus Christ
  • To provide opportunities to interact and develop friendships with peers in a Christian atmosphere
  • To provide support and encouragement for the families In the home school community


Eligible Children:  All children K-8th Grade

We Offer: A faith-based program guided by certified, quality, Christian faculty. Students will enjoy the following classes: art, music, phy-ed, devotion, and science or social studies/Current Events.

Days and Times: Your child Is I invited to join us In our classrooms every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:15 pm - 3: 15 pm for the entire school year.

Lunch Inclusion Optlon: Your child is welcome to join us at 11 : 40 am to eat lunch with his/her class. Our school cook makes delicious, home-cooked meals. Lunch is $2.80 per meal. Our lunch menu is posted on our school website. Your child is also welcome to bring his/her lunch.

Milk Break: Your child will have one milk break per day. Milk Is $.30 per carton. Your child may also bring in his/her own. 

Transportation to our school: Parents and/or ride-sharing.

Please contact us for monthly fees.