Christian Education Society (CES)
The Christian Education Society furthers the cause of Christian education -- especially that full-time education work carried on by our Lutheran Elementary School. In this organization parents and teachers learn from one another about educating their children, current school projects, goals and topics of interest. 

The group is open to all parents, grandparents and others interested in Christian education. CES meets regularly. We invite all parents and all those interested to join us for these meetings.  CES sponsors many events during the school year, such as:
  • Back to school picnic
  • Annual giving Bibles to 2nd grade class/ Catechisms to 5th graders
  • Valentine Bingo Day
  • School Marathon
  • Family Bowling and Pizza Day
  • Parent-Children baskteball games
  • Closing Banquet


Bowling night 071.jpg

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CES after the annual Pizza/bowling party