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* Bible Study Wednesday afternoons and at Highland Commons have been discontinued until further notice due to the Covid 19 Virus.

Church News for the Week of April 5, 2020

Thursday, April 7:  10:00 a.m. Bulletin Information Due, 11:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. Our Service on Cable TV - Channel 8
Sunday, April 12:   EASTER SUNDAY

We, the members of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran congregation are here to share the truth of God's Word.  We use the message of Christ to nurture one another that we might be equipped to spread the message of Christ to all people.

Bring the Kids! Our congregation enjoys the “worshipping family”. Children who act up are not viewed as a bother to worship.  We’re glad they’re here! However, if you feel the need, a “comfort room” for parents with small children is available complete with speakers and a window looking into the worship area.  Please find this room to your right when entering the narthex from the sanctuary or ask an usher for assistance.  You will also find children’s church bags, a diaper changing station, a restroom, and age appropriate books there.  Services are temporarily discontinued due to the coronavirus.
Mission PrayerNorthwestern Publishing House – Lord God Almighty, thank you for providing our synod with a publishing house that creates Bible study materials and devotional resources that are faithful to the Holy Scriptures. We especially praise you for the publication of Luther’s Catechism, the Evangelical Heritage Version of the Bible, as well as the production of the new hymnal and all its accompanying resources. Let these tools be utilized in our congregations to honor you and to strengthen the faith of your people. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Giving Made Easy - Did you know we offer electronic giving? You can contribute anywhere, anytime right from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
∙ Give online at
∙ Download our free mobile app by searching for “GivePlus” in the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about our eGiving options, visit our church website or contact the church office.

Emergency Executive Officers’ Meeting
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
April 2, 2020
Members Present: Pastor Rauh, Mitchell Koepp, Daryl Petzel, Roger Fisher, Darvin Scherer, Scott Schmidt.
Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. Pastor opened with a prayer.
President Fisher explained that this meeting was called because of the urgency of the Paycheck Protection Program Application that the Government has put out. According to our information the application is a first come first serve set up.
Pastor Rauh explained a little bit about how things were working at church. He spoke of our On-Line Church services on our Website. Check out our Web page for information. He has been speaking to Pastors on how they are coping with this new situation. He spoke of Easter as really an important gathering for Christians and he was toying with the idea of using our Tower Chimes to celebrate in some way. Possibly playing various hymns to enjoy on Easter morning. He is working on more information with that. Easter egg hunt normally held at church won’t be able to be done this year. He is considering an Easter egg hunt drive around town to find eggs possibly hung on house windows to form a sentence or Scripture verse. Confirmation class on-line is going well, it’s just not the same. Go to our Website for updates on all upcoming events.
Mitchell spoke next with an encouragement to use our On-Line giving. This is the perfect example of how the church could benefit from it. VANCO has an app for your Smart phone – Give Plus. You would need to set up an account, with some information, it’s real easy to do. For more information on that contact Mitchell. The Paycheck Protection Program is a government program just recently approved that will let us have a Loan with the ability to have some of it forgiven. Mitchell handed out information about the program and explained what he understood was needed for information to apply for the loan. The loan can be up to two months payroll cost plus 25% of that amount. Payments would be deferred for the first six months; interest would accrue at .5%, at the beginning of the loan. Some of this loan can be forgiven. Progrowth Bank in Gaylord is set up for this loan and we would like to move on this tomorrow.  A Motion was Made to pursue the PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM APPLICATION process. Motion was Seconded and Approved.
It was also stated that our Church Services will be CANCELLED until further notice. Go to our Web page for updated information.
                                                                     Secretary, Scott Schmidt
CES Silent Auction Bidding Has Been Extended to Sunday, April 26
The LWMS rally scheduled for Apr 18 has been cancelled due to Covid 19.
April 2 - OPEN HOUSE IS Postponed.  Interested families in school for next year should contact the school. 507-964-2397 or,  We will contact you personally and set up a private tour for your family.   Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to meeting our newest students!
MODIFIED: Tiaras & Ties MVL will not be hosting the Tiaras & Ties father-daughter dance event this year. Instead, each and every one of your living rooms or backyards will! More details will be coming, but we're working on creating a music playlist, activities, and online environment for April 18 so that you can still make some wonderful memories at home. Please stay tuned to the MVL Facebook event and feel free to contact Kristin Matzke at with any questions.
UPDATE: MVL Capital CampaignGod has blessed MVL's Building on the Rock campaign with more than $800,000 in gifts and pledges, and we are confident that He will continue to bless our efforts. However, we want to be cognizant of our families and individuals who love and support this ministry. We don't want to put them in a position to have face-to-face meetings or to question how to make their best gift to our capital campaign at this time. As a result, the Board of Directors has voted to pause Building on the Rock. For further information, please contact MVL Mission Advancement Director Phil Scriver at or 507.233.8659.
Martin Luther College is now accepting applications for
  • One regular full-time Early Childhood Learning Center - Assistant Teacher
  • One regular part-time Early Childhood Learning Center - Administrative Assistant
  • One temporary limited term Men's Cross Country - Head Coach
March is Food Share Month Minnesota FoodShare matches a percentage of the total amount of food & cash Sibley County receives in March.  The more we give – the more they will get from MN FoodShare. Providing food and money for this program is an easy way for us to demonstrate our Christian concern for the needs of others.

 Give thanks to the God of heaven.  His love endures forever. Ps 136:26
March 2020 2019
Sibley County # $ 73# $40.00
Martin Luther College # $ 22# $25.00
“Time of Grace” If you are not able to come to church, you can watch “Time of Grace” Ministry with lead speaker Pastor Mike Novotny.  “Time of Grace” is on at 10:30 a.m. on KARE11 on Sunday mornings.  You can also go to their website and access it at any time you want to at
      As you all know, these are some difficult times around the world as COVID 19 has affected all of us in one way or another.  There is much anxiety and as I write this, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  Today (March 25) our Governor has issued a “stay at home” order through April 10, which is Good Friday.  With that order in place, we cannot hold any services through that date.  Prior to that date, the church council will meet and develop a plan for future services.
     With that covered, I wish to share a statement I heard last weekend.  A SCARED WORLD NEEDS A FEARLESS CHURCH!  This can be our congregation.  Fear cannot take away our faith and our connection will continue here at St. Paul’s in Arlington.  Our called workers and others are working harder than ever to use every means possible to continue to educate our students.  Pastor Rauh is using our website and other means to keep getting out a weekly sermon and other messages.  It is a challenge, so they all need our prayers.
     So, as you see, although we aren’t physically attending church the work goes on. I prayerfully ask that you still remember your contributions.  Salaries, insurance, utility bills, etc. still need to be paid.  There are many ways to get the offerings to church.  You can drop them off at the church office, mail them to church or give online.  Call the church office if you are new to online giving and someone will help you through the process.
     Finally, if you have time, maybe get out your annual report and towards the back you will find the directory with the names and phone numbers of members.  We are all sort of “shut ins” now, so why not pick up the phone and call someone. Especially someone living alone and say hi and ask them how they are doing.  It will be good therapy for both of you.
                                                                                               Roger Fisher

St. Paul’s School April 2020 NEWSLETTER
What is school doing during this closure? St. Paul’s is following recommendations by the state and WELS to close the school building for the  near future.  But the students and teachers continue to push education forward despite not meeting face to face.  From March 17-30 students have been working on daily assignments prepared by our teachers, this is called “Distance learning.”  Each week the teachers have prepared subjects that are completed at home.  Each Friday we have a homework exchange at school and the families receive the next week of assignments. Technology also is a blessing for our google school.  We are utilizing electronic videos, websites, google posted assessments, and even live video feed of staff teaching subjects.  We have appreciated all of the family feedback and this temporary learning process is working for our school.  We pray that the sickness goes away quickly and we can resume teaching our children back in the building .
Lutheran Elementary School Week: It was a very busy week at school to celebrate Lutheran Elementary school week.  We had almost 140 visitors throughout the week.  We went swimming, had local artist Kay Metzen create art with our classrooms, and then we blended our classrooms for a mixed up morning of lessons.
SAVE, SAVE, SAVE: Thank you for saving these items.  Labels and receipts can be dropped off at school or use the collection bucket in the back of church.  Aluminum cans to the trailer in alley by school.    We can collect your grocery receipts. Drop them off at church too.          
1. Designate Thrivent Choice dollars                                            
2. Clip Our Family UPC labels              
3. Scan receipts for Box Tops for Education                 
4. Drop off Aluminum Cans                       
5. Clip Country Hearth UPCs                     
6. Designate Coborns/Cash Wise Reward Points
CES SILENT AUCTION: Christian Education Society silent basket auction has begun .  The auction will not end until April 26th.  We are working on placing the items online and having bidding done there as well as at church.  
2020-2021 School Registration: Contact school if you are interested for registering for next school year.   Our OPEN HOUSE HAS BEEN POSTPONED for April 2nd.  If you contact us we will set up a private tour when we are able to open up the building to the public again.  With time on your hands do not be afraid to contact us for questions regarding school for your family.  
Alumni Basketball Games:  We went down memory lane with many of our classmates, teammates, and coaches.  We had 43 show up to the games.  We plan on doing that again next year.
Website and Facebook: Keep up-to-date with all school events and happenings online. click calendar.  Like us on our Facebook page
2 Open House—Postponed                                           
6-8 ACT Testing Week– cancelled                 
9-13 NO SCHOOL EASTER Vacation?????                                
22 4th qtr Midterm  ??????                           
26 4-8th Field trip to the Alexander Ramsey House/History Center??