Weekly Newsletter


We have reached the end of the school year. Thank you parents for all the cooperation through the COVID protocols to keep our school open face-to-face all year.  God has blessed our children as they have grown spiritually and academically.  Have a blessed Summer!

Thanks Athletes
Thank you athletes for representing our school this year and participating in athletics.  Keep practicing your sports all summer so that we can get back to competition vs. other schools next fall!!!

FINAL REPORT CARDS are going home on Wednesday.
Church Services in Summer
St. Paul’s Church will begin its summer service schedule in June.  Sunday service will be at 9:00 AM and MONDAY night will be at 7:00 PM.  Keep church on your calendar all summer.
May 26th Closing Service/Awards Day
The last day of school is a full day, busing will be available.  Pastor Rauh will lead us in the closing service at 2:00 that afternoon.  We will be streaming and recording the service on Zoom.  https://zoom.us/j/95569743603
Summer Contact
If your mailing address, phone numbers, or other information changes over the summer; please give the new information to school so we can continue to send you information.
School Summer Projects
1. Landscaping the front of school.  This will be on a weekend. We need helpers to move rock, place edging, and plant new shrubs.
2. Moving furniture for floor waxing.  We need to move classroom furniture three times for the floors to get waxed.  A reminder text will go out for helpers.
3. We are pouring a concrete sidewalk in back of school. Need workers to form the sidewalk and move rock. 

Our final mission offerings for chapel will be going to the Jesus Cares Ministry.  This group helps teach those with mental disabilities and elderly people the saving message of Jesus.   This Week:  $5.20   Total: $123.73