Art Fair 2020
March 15, 2020
St. Paul’s Church

This year during Lutheran Elementary School Week the students will be displaying pieces of art at school and church. 
The theme for this year is “Night Time”. Create a piece of art that displays the night sky, a night scene, a nocturnal animal, or a silhouette. If you are looking for ideas online use search words such as “night time art projects” or “night art.” 
You may draw, paint, or sculpt a piece of art to display for our art show.  Please do not use Legos.  You can use paint, pencil, crayons, oil pastels, clay, paper, newspaper, tissue paper, or cardboard.  If you need ideas please talk to Mrs. Kaesermann. 

The deadline for your project is Friday, March 6th.
Please complete the form below and attach to your project before you bring it to school on March 6th

Click here for form