Social Studies Fair
St. Paul’s Social Studies Fair 2019  
Our school holds a fair every year. This is the year for the Social Studies Fair.  The fair projects will be displayed at church on the weekend of March 17th which is the end of Lutheran Elementary School Week(LES).  All projects should be brought to school for LES week to be judged. Your projects need to be to school by the morning of March 11th for judging. If there are any questions contact, Mr. Kaesermann.
*All students in grades 3-8 are required to do an individual project for this fair. The topic this year should focus on a Triumph OR Tragedy in world history. (Disasters, achievements, inventions, a hero, a villain, wars, etc.) Any event/person that is notable in history is acceptable. Topics that students are interested in works the best.
Read and keep this description (it’s a checklist) for your child’s project:
What does the project look like?
Create a display about the topic using a trifold display board.   Checklist for needed items:
____A title
____A statement of why the event is a tragedy or triumph
____List of your resources for your research
____A reflection paragraph of what you learned
____Visual aides: timelines, graphs, maps
Optional ideas to have a successful board:
-organized and colorful
-other relative information
-objects that could be placed in front of the board such as: models/shoebox scene/dioramas/doll figures/ etc. Anything from your imagination that presents your triumph or tragedy.  
(Trifold boards can be purchased from the Dollar General)
Other requirements:
*Specific details that should be included in your project are listed on the attached score sheet.  Judges will be using this critique.
*Work on this project is to be done by the student with guidance from parents.
*Kindergarten and grades 1-2 will work on a classroom project for the fair.
*7-8th graders who committed to History Day presentation will need to follow National History Day criteria for their projects.
*A brief oral presentation will be given on their topics and will include judging.